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Looking for a gym that is more than just a place to go and work out? At Sherika Fitness in Memphis, we believe in creating an atmosphere where everyone can go and better themselves, mentally and physically. We are more than a gym — we are a community. When you work out at our gym, we provide many different amenities so that you can have the tools you need to better your fitness journey. No matter what brings you to your fitness journey, give yourself the opportunity to be successful with our tools and guidance. Our gym comes with many amenities that you won't find anywhere else, including:

  • Private facility
  • Located in beautiful corporate park with a lake

  • Astroturf for exercising drills which provides excellent joint support

  • Boxing bags, weights, and high commercial grade equipment

  • Fit 3D full body scanner

  • Bathrooms with showers

We are consistently improving our gym and its amenities so that we can provide our community with a gym that fits all for their needs. Visit our gym today so that you can see what we have to offer in person!

Join US For a Free CLASS

It can be hard to find a gym where you feel like you truly belong, and it is hard to know if it has everything you need without taking the time to work out there first.

At Sherika Fitness, we offer a FREE demo class so you can feel the great vibes. If you are new to Sherika Fitness, contact our team today to sign up for your FREE demo class!


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Welcome to SHERIKA FITNESS, where an amazing community awaits you! Here, you'll find a supportive and inclusive environment dedicated to your health and wellness journey. Our exceptional services are designed to meet your unique fitness needs, from personalized training programs to group classes that inspire and motivate. Our expert trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals, and our comprehensive approach includes top-notch nutritional guidance to fuel your body and mind. Join us and experience the perfect blend of camaraderie, professional support, and a commitment to your overall well-being.


Sherika Fitness has your back for the ultimate at home workout equipment. Check out our online store for our freestanding Sherika Fitness boxing bag, boxing gloves, and other dope workout equipment.

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I started Sherika Fitness on Nov 11th and today was second day. I have to say I am happy that i sign up an now have a fitness family for life. And sisterhood. I have tired so many different ways to lose weight but to only to gain it back. But I am ready for fitness journery and I am ready to change my life around for myself and my kids

- Jeslyn

Let me start by saying I love Sherika!! She is a very energetic and motivating trainer. Even when I want to give up she continues to encourage me. The workouts are innovative ,tough and intense but she’s so encouraging which keeps me coming back for more! I’ve only been with her a little over a week but I’m looking forward to lifetime of fitness with this lady.

- Sabrina

Sherika is one the best trainers ever!! She cares about You! Her energy is high and her personality is infectious. Come out to see her for yourself, you won't be disappointed. She has taught me so much and I'm grateful I'm a part of such a great gym.

- Sherida