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I started Sherika Fitness on Nov 11th and today was second day. I have to say I am happy that i sign up an now have a fitness family for life. And sisterhood. I have tired so many different ways to lose weight but to only to gain it back. But I am ready for fitness journery and I am ready to change my life around for myself and my kids

- Jeslyn

Let me start by saying I love Sherika!! She is a very energetic and motivating trainer. Even when I want to give up she continues to encourage me. The workouts are innovative ,tough and intense but she’s so encouraging which keeps me coming back for more! I’ve only been with her a little over a week but I’m looking forward to lifetime of fitness with this lady.

- Sabrina

Sherika is one the best trainer ever!! She cares about You! Her energy is high and her personality is infectious. Come out to see her for yourself, you won't be disappointed. She has taught me so much and I'm grateful I'm a part of such a great gym.

- Sherida